Plaques & Canvas

ASI offers plaques and canvas to suit any occasion including:

  • Senior Canvas Prints
  • Player Gifts
  • Company and Team Awards
  • Logos
  • Wedding Canvas & Plaques
  • Anniversary Gifts

Player Canvas Prints

Player Canvas Prints

Senior Canvas Prints

Personalized Player Plaques

Graphics Mounted by Clear Acrylic

Huskies Logo

Senior Canvas Prints

Hockey Collage on Canvas

Collage Print on Canvas

PGA Mounted Logo

Senior Canvas Prints

Senior Collage Canvas Print

Individual Sports Player Mounted Plaques

University of Minnesota Plaques

University of Minnesota Logo

Senior Canvas Print

Photo on Canvas Gift

All American Canvas Prints

Senior Canvas Print

Senior Canvas Print

Canvas Class Print

Team Photo on Acrylic Plaque

Acrylic Player Gift

Player Award Plaque

Acrylic Player Award

Senior Canvas Prints

Custom Acrylic Player Gift

Award Recipient & Historical Player Plaques

Custom Senior Canvas Prints

Player Award and Recognition Prints on Canvas